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As a complementary training we offer Pilates lessons and classes to build, stretch and define the muscles of the entire body, which will improve the posture and mobility of the spinal column and creates a harmonic balance of strength and flexibility. Our Pilates lessons are suitable for beginners as well as the advanced.
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Lalitana Pilates Full Body Training

Pilates is a systematic full body training that was invented and developed by Joseph H. Pilates. Isolated muscles or individual groups of muscles are selectively activated, relaxed and stretched. The respiration is coordinated with the movements whose correct execution is essential. Who practices Pilates, soon changes his habits of movement and posture, takes the exercises into everyday life and stands straight and natural. The training of the deep muscles in the pelvis and in the waist improves the mobility. The pelvis and shoulder area can be turned more freely against each other. Pilates vitalizes muscles and joints without straining them.