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Hi, I am Lita, and I am a proud owner of a blog! All the IT professionals say if you have a Website, you have to set up a blog and write about “stuff” to keep the site active so it can go up on the google ranking, and that way, your business will reach out to more people thru your dynamic website. So yes, I have a fantastic website, and I hope the world will visit it. I love to write, and I have much to say, but I have been thinking for a long time about what to write and not just use the blog for the ranking on google! It is not easy; the internet is so full of information that sometimes I get dizzy and need to escape to nature. So I decided to take the professional’s advice and build a blog. With my know-how and experiences, I wish to catch your attention in this crazy fast world. I don’t guarantee new articles every week, but I can promise to write when I have good “stuff” to say. So be my guest on my “Homepage”, visit us sometimes, give us feedback, and let’s communicate. More about me you can find on the website.

I am a regular happy woman with skills and experience. I am full of power, guided by the sunlight and the universe. I have an open heart and mind and live with all five senses in harmony with myself and nature.

Like Gandhi said, “Happiness is when what you think, say, and do are in harmony.”

I love to travel and meet different cultures, and I love vegan food and cooking; I am into Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, and Hiking in nature. I am a messenger of a conscious and healthy lifestyle. I am interested in nutritional food, cooking courses, writing cookbooks, human rights, our environment, stopping starvation in the world, animals’ well-being, fair trade production, justice, health care, the health system, freedom, peace & Love and healthy children because they are the future. I believe that a healthy world begins with healthy people!