I am an Ayurveda Chef specialized in vegetarian / vegan kitchen and Cooking is my passion.

I use only local seasonal ingredients, my food is international, delicious and nourishing. I have created the LALITANA concept in Lagos center consisting of a Guesthouse, a yoga studio and vegetarian/vegan Restaurant that was a huge success. With this holistic concept I want to promote health-oriented tourism through conscious nutrition, yoga and meditation.

I had to close down in 2020 and I took a leave for a while… like so many others! After a long brake I opened a small Guesthouse with better facilities and then I decided to follow my heart and do what I love to do… Cook for you! Now I am back with my Vegan Kitchen for Events, Live Cooking, Private Celebrations and Cooking Courses.



Me and my team prepare delicious vegetarian/vegan food for your Events as a Menu, Buffet, Finger Food or Live Cooking.

We also select the suitable wine & drinks for your Event if you wish. Live Cooking is always a great experience for guests, it fascinates at Events and gives them a special flair. There is something exclusive about seeing how the food that is about to be served is lovingly prepared. We use all our skills to prepare a meal for your guests that shows how much passion it is created with. If you are looking for something special und unforgettable for your Event, please contact us, we will be happy to satisfy you.

We can just prepare the tasty food and select the drinks for your Event or if you wish we can also coordinate the entire Event. We can take care of the staff, decoration, furniture, DJ or Live Music, just talk to us and we will make an estimate for you.



We cook delicious food for your private Events.

Enjoy the Chef´s delicious vegetarian/vegan food in the comfort of your Home – for a Dinner or a Lunch, or another Special Occasion, such as a Celebration, gatherings with friends or family. This service is also ideal for special Business Meetings at your office or company. We have a variety of vegetarian/vegan styles from the Mediterranean to Asia or Africa. Please tell us your individual preferences. We would be glad to send you a personalized menu proposal. We will take care of all the details, so you don’t have to worry about anything, simply enjoy while our team does all the shopping, cooking and cleaning for you. If you want to take your guests on an amazing creative and exquisite culinary journey, please contact us!


Cooking is social and communicative!

It is inspiring to be in a group of people exchanging culinary ideas, realize those and enjoy the food together…which is the atmosphere we are looking for in our cooking courses. Anywhere you want, at your home or office, for you or family, friends, business partners. We provide all the equipment and we do the shopping at our local and organic sources. We offer courses about Ayurveda cooking principles and conscious nutrition.

Check our website and follow us on Instagram where we advertise our special cooking courses.

Instagram: @lalitanavegankitchen
Vegan Kitchen: +351 914 061 143
E-mail: lita@lalitana.com