Lalitana is not just a Guesthouse with vegetarian Restaurant, Yoga and Pilates Center, but an overall concept that reflects our own life philosophy. Our Guesthouse is available 365 days per year to spend a wonderful holiday or let go and relax in one of our retreats. Culinary delights are provided by our vegetarian/vegan restaurant that pampers our guests with delicious breakfast and innovative lunch and dinner. A new experience and special enjoyment for non vegetarians as well! This concept is completed by our Yoga and Pilates Center where you can practice diverse styles of Yoga with Pranayama and Meditation and keep your body fit with Pilates. We also offer various massages conducted by experienced physiotherapists.

Yoga | Pilates

In our Yoga and Pilates Center you can experience various styles of Yoga and stay fit with Pilates. We also offer Meditation, Pranayama, Massages and much more.

Vegetarian Restaurant

Pure pleasure in our vegetarian restaurant! Enjoy our lovingly prepared delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes made from biological products.


Pure recreation with Yoga and Meditation, Massages, culinary journeys and Ayurveda cooking courses, excursions and outdoor activities.


At Lalitana we have exciting cultural and culinary events like international and Ayurveda cooking classes, concerts, art exhibitions, poetry readings or dance with live music.
Lalitana, Guesthouse, yoga, pilates, vegetarian restaurant in Lagos, Algave Portugal

Welcome at Lalitana!

It is our aim to make our guests feel comprehensively looked after for which we care with the highest commitment. We want you to really relax and enjoy your stay at our guesthouse-, bed and breakfast to the fullest. Stay with us for a wonderful vacation and go back home completely relaxed and refreshed.

We are looking forward to welcome you at Lalitana.